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Caynel Floor Standing Wipe Trash Receptacle Dispenser

  • -The multifunctional wipe dispenser is a MUST accessory if you own a workout or yoga studio, gym, restaurant, venue, hall, or center. It’s built for ease so both employees and guests can utilize them with minimal issues.
  • -This all-in-one station with its own trash receptacle allows for wipes to be used and disposed of in the same spot after cleaning! 
  • -Constructed with premium stainless steel. The metal fabrication is commercial grade quality and powder coated for tough durability. Utilize it for indoors or outdoors. This trash can and sanitizing wipe dispenser combo is rust-, water- and corrosion-resistant.
  • -Boasting a flattering silver colored finish with a pristine, slimline design, the cleansing stand doesn’t distract or overwhelm the aesthetics of any room. In fact, it adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any decor.
  • -35" x 10" floor stand dispenser with a 31.4" circumference, High capacity, built-in 3.2-gallon trash can (8.7" x 12.2") for less frequent servicing. Weighted base for added stability. We use one of the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home - for years.