Caynel Whole Slow Juicer 3rd Generation

Juicing Made Simple!

The new FeedSafe™ feedchute makes juicing a breeze and safe for all. Simply place, rotate and drop more foods in their whole form into the machine saving you time and effort. 

Caynel Ultra Patented Slow Juicer Technology

Featuring the most advanced juicing design and technology. The new upgraded Advanced Squeeze Technology features a new 2 step auger design and filters with greater mesh surface area to ensure that the maximum amount of juice possible is extracted, even from tough to juice leafy greens.

Stunning Design, Beautifully Quiet

Stunning curves, a premium gloss design and one of the quietest motors on any whole slow juicer, come together to make this one of the most premium juicers you can buy. Juice any time day or night confidently and quietly with this powerful yet beautifully discreet machine


  • 3" wide feeding tube, uncut fruit squeeze small whole fruit at once, maximize juice yield.
  • Slow speed of 50 RPM, 200W AC induction motor.
  • Fresh juice in minutes allows your body absorb 4 times more nutrition.
  • All detachable parts are made of high quality Tritan™ food grade anti-oxidation materials, BPA-free.
  • Easy cleaning with a bonus brush. All removable parts can be safely cleaned in dishwasher.
  •  Industry leading 1-year warranty covering parts and performance.

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